Don't stress about the tedious admin work - we've got you covered


Buying A Self-Storage Facility or Transitioning to a New Software?

Any of these sound familiar?

  • You waste a ton of time contacting the software support team with setup questions
  • You feel overwhelmed, not sure what task to tackle next
  • You don't want things to fall through the cracks
  • You don't want to waste time calling each customer transitioning them onto the new software
  • You're worried tenants are going to get annoyed and move out
  • You feel panicked, you don't have the time to setup the software and contact customers at closing

If you find yourself feeling any of these we promise, you aren't alone....we can help

Our Why

It's a lot of work. Finding a facility to buy, securing financing, conducting due diligence, and lining up vendors. We know the feeling. Or you're transitioning a facility you own to management software. Either way, lot's of things that can suck your time, energy, and money. That's why we created OwnerChange.

The Solution

OwnerChange offers you a way to setup your management software, website, and transition each tenant without digging through support docs or picking up the phone.


Management Software Setup

No more emailing support or spending hours on fumbling around the management software. We will setup and squeeze the most juice out of the software to increase your revenue and reduce headaches. Features such as revenue management, automated emails, late/lien rules will be customized for you and your facilities.

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Website Setup and Customization

Management software's come with cookie-cutter websites. We will customize the site to reflect your unique branding and stand above your local competition. Your site will be setup with SEO best practices to increase organic traffic and rentals.

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Transition Tenants

Communication is key during an ownership change. New rules, new owner, lot's of uncertainty that stems anxiety with tenants during a sale. We'll call each tenant as a representative of you to give them a warm hello, verify their contact information, provide new operational rules, set them up on autopay, and have them sign a new lease. No more lost payments, misunderstandings, headaches, and irate tenants during ownership transition.

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Our Customer Stories

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I didn't have the time nor desire to do the required admin tasks of setting up the management software, website, and calling the tenants. Brett from OwnerChange did a fantastic job and now we have a great partnership.

Kirk Bausch

Mountain Town Storage


Management Software and Website Setup


Tenant Transitions


Dual Income

Management Software & Website Setup + Tenant Transitions

$1,500 + $7.50/Unit


Your questions, answered.

How long does it normally take to complete everything?


Within 5 days after you complete the onboarding document for your facility. We allow 5 days to give us enough time to properly setup the software, website, and call all your tenants.

Do you provide custom email and text templates?


Yes! We do provide our own branded custom email and text templates that you can use. However, we do offer the option to have you provide your own templates

I just want to setup the software and website. Do I have to pay for the tenant calls?


No! If you do not want us to conduct any tenant calls that is okay. We offer a discounted rate for bundling the services together but we understand some folks don't want us making calls to their tenants!

I have multiple facilities I want setup. Is there any bulk or volume pricing?


Reach out to us! Fill out the form below!

What's your guarantee?


We guarantee the services will be performed within 5 business days after onboarding has been completed. If EVERYTHING is not completed within that time frame you will receive a full refund.

What is your refund policy?


This service is labor intensive and as such is non-refundable after services have been rendered. However, we do guarantee the work to be completed in 5 business days. If it's not completed within 5 business days then you will receive a full refund.

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